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The Naked Communist

The Naked Communist

The conflict between communism and freedom is the problem of our time.  It overshadows all other problems.  This conflict mirrors our age, its toils, its tensions, its troubles, and its task.  On the outcome of this conflict depends the future of all mankind. - George Meany

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One of the most fantastic phenomena of modern times has been the unbelievable success of the Communist conspiracy to enslave mankind.  Part of this has been the result of two species of ignorance - ignorance concerning the constitutional requirements needed to perpetuate freedom, and secondly, ignorance concerning the history, philosphy and strategy of World Communism.

This study is designed to bring the far-flung facts about Communism into a single volume.  It contains a distillation of more than one hundred books and treatises - many of them written by Communist authors.  It attempts to present the communist in his true native elements, stripped of propaganda and pretense.  Hence, the title, "The Naked Communist."




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