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Ghost Lights

Ghost Lights

Who are the Utah apparitions who haunt  these theatres, dance halls, museums, amusement parks and a military post?

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  There is the young man who died in a theatre fire and still warns the people in it.  The sunrise meeting on a golf course between a deceased golfer and a little girl who drowned.  The woman who appears in a park’s old horse stable, but only to visitors wearing purple.  The “typewriter ghost” still writing plays in a gutted theatre.  A small town genius who created animated life sized puppets, carousels and a dance hall made of thousands of mirror pieces.  An internationally famous doll whose spirit frightened children.  A bride mourning her fallen soldier, who haunts a local park.  Chinese railroad workers whose suicides keep them trapped in an old hotel.  A collector who found secrets of the ancients with a collection so massive that an entire old library powers portals with rocks and crystals.  A young actress deserted by her lover and dying of a broken heart, returns to the museum where her theatre dress is on display.  An Egyptologist who brought her cursed collections home to Utah.


These are the ghosts of history, who tell us their stories and then haunt the places that entertain and intrigue us all!




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