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Brigham Distributing is always looking for new titles that have the potential for sales. We are a distributor only and therefore are looking for books that have already been published, not for books still in the manuscript form. If you would like to submit a title for possible distribution, please send a review copy of the book to the following address:

  • Brigham Distributing
  • Attn: New Submissions
  • 110 S. 800 W.
  • Brigham City, UT 84302

Please include any marketing plans and an email address as this is our method of responding. Our goal is to review and respond to you within two weeks of receipt of your submission. We will send you a contract for your review if we believe the title has sales potential. We encourage you to shop your book with several distributors so that you can find a business partner with whom you are comfortable. We appreciate the opportunity to review your work.




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