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CRUISING: A View Through the Porthole

CRUISING: A View Through the Porthole

More than you ever wanted to know about taking a cruise!

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-Waterskiing behind a cruise ship? Can it be done? How fast do cruise ships go? How bid are the largest ones? And is bigger necessarily better when it comes to cruise ships?


-What about getting married while on a cruise ship? Are weddings performed by ship captains legal? Was the wedding by Captain Hector Barbossa valid for Will and Elizabeth in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End?


-The word "fairway" was originally a nautical term. and so were "under the weather," "square meal," and "skyscraper." These are some of the 25 nautical terms used in our daily language that are discussed in the book.


-What floats your boat? What allows a large metal object like a cruise ship to float? What principles of physics are involved? How does a cruise ship relate to a tuna fish can or to Archimedes, who lived around 250BC?




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