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Ten More Amazing Discoveries

Ten More Amazing Discoveries

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Renowned Book of Mormon explorer George Potter continues to wander the sands of the Middle East because, in his words, "I must." The latest result, "Ten More Amazing Discoveries," makes us grateful that he does. Drawing upon years of research, study, and travel, he offers geographical support for Joseph Smith's assertion that the ancient Garden of Eden was located in the New World, not in the Old World. He offers a new, exciting theory on the landing site of Noah's Ark. He shows how Bible scholarship supports the authorship of the Book of Mormon. And he takes us in search of the "real" Mount Sinai and the trail of the Exodus. "Are these amazing discoveries?" asks the author. "To me they are pearls of truth that bring to life the sacred scriptures and confirm our faith." In "Ten More Amazing Discoveries," George Potter takes us on a journey that, in the end, strengthens our testimonies with new insights into the Bible, the authenticity of the Book of Mormon, and the dealings of God with his children, both ancient and modern. 148 pages, 6x9", softcover, LDS Non-Fiction




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