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The Four Gospels Simplified Into One

The Four Gospels Simplified Into One

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Here's what makes this book user-friendly: • Weaves the New Testament's four Gospels into a single continuous narrative. • Uses today's modern English. • Rewords and shortens the stories and teachings for easier reading and better understanding. • Sequentially covers the life of Jesus. • Helps the reader by using tables, bullet-point lists, and special notes. • Unique format splits the events in Jesus's life into small pieces or chunks. This enhances reading, understanding, and remembering. • Appendices provide: (1) Table listing Jesus's parables, (2) Table identifying the parables' main messages, (3) Table of Jesus's miracles, (4) Table of the New Testament's Resurrection Appearances of Jesus, and (5) Table to compare Jesus's teachings found in the four Gospels.




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