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The Book of Revelations

The Book of Revelations

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 The Book of Revelations is a Composition of Many different Doctrinal Revelations which have been given throughout the Life and Ministry of Fred C. Collier, Presiding Patriarch of the Church of the Firstborn. Collier's revelations on Doctrine, Theology and Church History have been well known to the community of LDS Scholars for more than 40 years. They have been made known through his preaching, and the publication of his books, and the some odd 36 issues of Doctrine of the Priesthood. Through the Gift of the Spirit and the opportunity of standing as it were upon the shoulders of the Prophet Joseph Smith and President Young, Collier has been enabled to bring the Understanding of Doctrine and Theology to a whole new Spiritual High, as he begins to connect the dots and place the pieces of the Great Mosaic of the Restored Gospel into Celestial Perspective. Not only so, but through his revelations, many doctrines which have been hidden in the Bible for thousands of years are brought to light in all their Pristine Beauty. For all those who love the Bible and the Doctrine and the unadulterated doctrine which it originally contained, this book is a must!




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