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Fairy Farts

Fairy Farts


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This is the book the fairies DON'T want you to read! Why? Because it exposes the dirty little secret of the fairy tale kingdom...fairy farts! Giggle your way through this cute, funny, silly, gross (but not too gross) story that tells you everything you never knew about fairy farts...the good, the bad, and the stinky. Not your typical fart book! This story includes 26 pages of hand drawn, quality illustrations that showcase the funny predicaments faced by adorable, beautiful, graceful (and farting) fairies. Their colorful world combines the seemingly contradictory sweet grace of fairies with the down to earth humor of passing gas in an adorable story that will help any child understand that beauty and grace can coexist with normal bodily functions. You'll both enjoy these entertaining fairy's likely to become one of your favorite bedtime story books, and you'll find yourself chuckling over this funny picture book long after it's finished!




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