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Book of Mormon Puzzle Pages: Volume 5

Book of Mormon Puzzle Pages: Volume 5

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This is Volume 5 in the Book of Mormon Puzzle Pages series. It covers pages 300 through 375, with a few bonus puzzles. There are solutions in the back as well.

This makes a good quiet book or road trip entertainment, but our primary hope is that this book will enhance your personal and family study of the Book of Mormon. We hope these activities will help you come to know and love the Book of Mormon.

Words and puzzles for each page teach and support the main ideas presented on the referenced pages and every page has something to color. 

There aer a wide variety of puzzles and difficulty levels and in this volume we tried to put something easy to do on those pages with the more challenging puzzles. Subsequent volumes will be out each quarter until all pages of the Book of Mormon are covered, so please check back for updates!




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