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Book of Mormon Puzzle Pages Vol. 1

Book of Mormon Puzzle Pages Vol. 1

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Book of Mormon Puzzle Pages Volume 1 has a puzzle page for every page of the Book of Mormon up to page 75, plus a few bonus puzzles, and all the solutions. It is 106 pages and 8.5 x 11 inches. The book can enhance personal and family scripture study, and be used in home schooling and for a quiet book at church. It is available on Amazon; the ISBN # is 978-62039-011-5. There will be 7 or more volumes in all, each covering about 75 pages of the Book of Mormon. Each page has not only puzzles, but illustrations to color, so even young children can enjoy them. The puzzles vary in difficulty from very easy to somewhat challenging, and there are so many kinds! There are not just word searches and crosswords and mazes, but codes, logic puzzles, anagrams, complete the drawing, fold-the-page hidden pictures, missing vowels, jumbles, word chains, cross-outs, sudoku, match, dot-to-dots, fill-ins, codes, grid puzzles, wordfalls, counting shapes, find the differences, and several puzzles that are newly invented, such as spin words, hex puzzles, math grid codes, and a lot more. Each page tries to focus on the meaning and purpose of that particular page of the Book of Mormon, not just providing something to do. There will be a total of 7 or more volumes, each covering about 75 pages of the Book of Mormon. Successive volumes will be out each quarter. (Vol. 2 due out 2Q2017)



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