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Book of Mormon Puzzle Pages: Volume 7

Book of Mormon Puzzle Pages: Volume 7

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Volume 7 of Book of Mormon Puzzle Pages covers pages 456 through the end of the Book of Mormon with a few bonus puzzles. Each page has illustrations to color as well as puzzles. This volume covers the end of the visit from Jesus Christ, The Book of Ether and the story of the Jaredites and the last words of Mormon and Moroni. The pages have pictures to color and puzzles, with stories and main principles often summarized on the page. Most pages have two or even three puzzles.  Many of the puzzles in this series are new types, unique and challenging, that are not seen in other puzzle books. So this book is not just word searches and mazes and crossword puzzles, though we do include those as well. 


We have made an effort to make the puzzles more accessible to younger users, with more clues and some easier puzzles included on pages which have more challenging puzzles.  Each puzzle page directly references the associated page, so words from that page are used in the puzzles and the ideas and main story line and principles are used as much as possible to involve the user in the meaning and purpose of the Book of Mormon. Book of Mormon Puzzle Pages make a good family study aids, Family Home Evening Activities, quiet books or a car trip books. With the completion of Volume 7 the series is complete with a puzzle page for every single page of the Book of Mormon.




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