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Complete Guide to Climbing (by bike) 2nd Edition

Complete Guide to Climbing (by bike) 2nd Edition

A guide to cycling climbing and the most difficult hill climbs in the United States.

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Avid cyclists know that hill climbing is the crux of the sport. Getting up cycling's brutal slopes is often what separates average from elite riders. However, accurate information on this cycling sub-specialty has been lacking, particularly the location and profiling of the great American Climbs, which rival the major European professional tours' best. This situation has now been rectified as this guidebook provides cycling peak-baggers with everything they need to know; from how best to prepare to get to the top of the mountain to the most difficult climbs in the U.S. From the incredibly steep roadways of New England, to the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains of the Southeast and the high altitude assaults of the mountain west, the most difficult climbs are all included in these pages.



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