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Golfing: A View Through the Golf Hole

Golfing: A View Through the Golf Hole

$9.95 tax incl.


-Longest, hardest, highest? The longest golf course in the world stretches 848 miles in length. Which course is considered to be the hardest? And on which unusual course do yaks carry your golf bag?
-What are Sabbath sticks? Where do the terms foozle, condor, divot, and scratch come from?? These are some of the golf terms whose histories and meanings are discussed in the book.
-What do sharks and golf balls have in common? In what way has the design of golf balls influenced running track uniforms, bicycle wheels, surfboards, and even airplanes?
-Why are so many top athletes in other sports so passionate about the game of golf? Did Muhammad Ali really say he could beat Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus?



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