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Hiking and Exploring the Paria River

Hiking and Exploring the Paria River

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Introducing the enlarged & updated 6th Edition of the book, Hiking and Exploring the Paria River. This edition includes 64 more pages of new hiking areas, fotographic tours, and local history. The new page count is 448. Focusing on the Paria River drainage, this guidebook covers the entrenched canyons from Bryce Canyon south to the Vermillion Cliffs and Lee s Ferry. Among the 56 maps, you ll find new information on the Between the Creeks Slots, Hackberry Canyon, Buckskin Gulch, a new route into the middle of the Lower Paria River Gorge, Coyote Buttes, The Wave, the Sand Hills, and White Pockets. In preparation for this new edition, the author interviewed a number of local old timers to expand on the guidebook s already rich regional history. Also added to this 6th Edition, is an enlarged section on John D. Lee along with new information about the Mountain Meadows Massacre and why Lee was sent to the Colorado River to establish a ferry. The reason was, Brigham Young and the Church leadership wanted to create a Mormon Wagon Road into Arizona to establish a mission to the Indians, colonize new lands before the gentiles got it, plus create a corridor to Mexico in case the Mormons were run out again. Adding the Mormon Wagon Road to Arizona is stretching the boundaries of the Paria River, but it seems necessary so that readers can better understand local Southern Utah politics and history. A new segment with 18 pages covers the route, the waterholes and the first 4 settlements created by the Mormons in the late 1870 s along the Little Colorado River.



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