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Is God Disappointed In Me?

Is God Disappointed In Me?

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As early as Primary, you may have absorbed this confusing message:
"God loves us...but He's so disappointed in you."
For a religion that preaches hope, the message of "do more" often seems to
win out. With so many programs, assignments, callings, commandments, standards,
and honor codes, how can you keep up?
The adversary highlights the shame you feel when you constantly fall short.
Do you feel only heaviness as you consider the Latter-day Saint path to
exaltation? How can God not be disappointed in someone like me?
The gospel was never meant to be exhausting, and God has never been
disappointed in you. God isn't frustrated with you, and He isn't looking to condemn you. Many are trying to gain strength by doing more, but true strength is found in turning to God.

In this book, you'll gain an understanding of the following:
• God wants your heart, not your behavior
• Why you need commandments and covenants when God already offers
you so much grace
• How God's acceptance and love propels you into a relationship with Him
• Satan's most powerful tool is shame, and it controls you more than
you realize
• God is strengthening us by revealing our identity

Step into the pages of this book and discover a new relationship with
a God who waits to shower you with love and approval. If you're a
Latter-day Saint, it's time for you to experience the hope, power, and
redemption the gospel of Jesus Christ offers.




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