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Extraordinary Comfort

Extraordinary Comfort

The True Story of a Mother's Near-Death Experience Meeting Her Stillborn Son... And the People Healed by Her Story.

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Mary Lou Asay proudly raised nine children, but after the birth of her eighth child, she experienced a tragic stillborn birth. The son was never named. No funeral was ever held. Only Mary Lou's husband and oldest daughter ever recalled the event. In her grief, Mary Lou never discussed it. Years later Mary Lou lay very ill in the hospital in a deep coma from which doctors said she might never recover. However, May Lou did awaken, jubilant and completely lucid. The experience she told about what happened to her and the people she'd met on the "other side" -including the son who had died in her womb- would leave her listeners awestruck. This is the true story of May Lou and her oldest son, David, and his family. Moreover, it's the story of Shawn, the brother David never knew he had, and the extraordinary comfort so many received that changed their lives forever.




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