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The Sacrament: A Historical View

The Sacrament: A Historical View

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The Sacrament: A Historical View reviews the interesting history of the sacrament ordiance in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, including topics such as the change from communal goblets to individual sacrament cups, the move to using young Aaronic Priesthood holders rather than older men in administering the sacrament, and the evolution of sacrament trays and other sacrament implements. The book additionally examines the meanings and backgrounds of a number of sacrament-related terms such as cenacle, winepress, chalice, unleavened bread, communion casserole, and transubstantiation.

Using stories and anecdotes from leaders, members, soldiers - and even from an astronaut and a pro athlete - the book helps explain and put into perspective the evolution of the ordinance and the important changes that have taken place to help make the sacrament such a special part of today's Latter-day Saint worship.




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