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Bridge of Miracles

Bridge of Miracles

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Are miracles real? The story of one man's life contained in this book is a front-seat witness that miracles are everywhere and God is aware of the smallest details in our lives.

Bridge of Miracles is the true story of an impoverished, barefoot book living in the largest slum in Africa who finds hope in the belief that with God's help, he can do anything. As difficulties deepen and circumstances seem impossible, Amram acts on answered prayers, trusting that miracles will open doors on his inconceivable journey to the United States.

After arriving in the United States with only fifty dollars in his pocket, Amram's steadfast determination to achieve higher education and to ultimately run for President of Kenya is an astounding story. The combination of Amram's soft heart and his unshakable desire to lift thousands in his path will inspire you to reach out and discover your own ability to make a difference. Amram knows one thing for sure and so will you-regardless of the mission you choose, God will build a bridge.




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