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Hetty on Hold (5th in Series)

Hetty on Hold (5th in Series)

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In this gentle story of friendship and devotion, Hetty unlocks the secret to lasting love. She struggles to feel worthy of her beloved husband, Morgan, who seems to have endless talent and influence. They both adore their three-year-old daughter Pippa.

Hetty wants desperately to give Morgan more children. But because of a congenital heart condition, another pregnancy could kill her. So, instead, she keeps busy caring for Pippa and her frail great-aunt—as well as practicing law and hosting a radio talk show.

The conniving beauty queen Katrinka, Morgan’s former fiancée, is torn between the desire to destroy Hetty and the need for her friendship. The night before they were to wed, Morgan spurned Katrinka in favor of the tall, skinny Hetty. The humiliated Katrinka still seeks revenge. This she does by scheming to manipulate the rich, handsome Morgan and his business empire. Hetty struggles to befriend Katrinka and to overcome her resentment with kindness.

When Hetty tells Morgan she is expecting another child, he is devastated, fearing for her life. As the story moves through surprising twists and turns, Hetty’s character illuminates even the dark shadows. Whether she lives or dies, love is the winner and will last forever. The power of Hetty’s tender nature and undimmed spirit remind us that love never fails.



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