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Wildflowers and Kisses

Wildflowers and Kisses

What do you give a woman who owns a flowers shop?

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Skye Alexander has a dog named kitty, an adopted grandmother who thinks John Wayne is cute, a kind heart, and the sunniest attitude on the planet.

Even she spritzes him with her florist water at their first meeting, Skye is the most refreshing thing that has ever happened to Dr. Gage Garrison. Confident, successful, and seriously disillusioned, when Gage meets Skye one evening at her shop she is like a shot of pure, sweet oxygen to his spirit. So he pesters her until she agrees to go out with him.

But later, when he realizes that her dog is a guard dog, that Skye has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and is an expert with a handgun, he begins to wonder what scars she's hiding behind that beautiful, sweet smile.

And what is she so afraid of?




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