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Blood Seed: The Earthsoul Prophecies Book 5

Blood Seed: The Earthsoul Prophecies Book 5

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A World in Chaos

As Kelsa's beleaguered army flees ahead of Death's Third March, powerful new allies arrive to help Gideon address the threat of Aethon's Rhiven and their ability to open additional Dragon Gates. Under Gideon's direction, these new allies launch an attack into the heart of Shadan's army where they engage Aethon Fairimor in an attempt to kill the traitorous Rhiven.

In Amnidia, a vast section of the Veil has collapsed, opening the way for an army of demons to march on the Great Wall of Aridan. Jase goes to the aid of the Elvan people but is son forced to leave to address an even greater threat in Kunin-the use of the Blood Orb taken by the Sons of Uri.

With the death of the Earthsoul imminent, the demon god Maeon intensifies his attack on the Veil, bringing it down in numerous places across the world and ushering in tens of thousands of demon soldiers. In Arkania, demons capable of wielding Lo'shaen take control of the Arkanian people and lead them to war against Riak, threatening to destabilize the newly established Riaki government.

As ever-increasing chaos enfulfs the Nine Lands, Jase is faced with his most difficult choice yet - to stand with family and friends in the defense of Trian or leave them to pursue a lead on a ptentially viable Blood Orb. Either decision will result in lives lost and a final showdown with Maeon himself.

In this, the final volume of The Earthsoul Prophecies, Greg Park weaves one last tapestry of myth and magic, bringing to life a world as rich and varied as our own.



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