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Keeper's Defiance

Keeper's Defiance

The scream of the dragon woke me.  Wide-eyed, I scrambled to my knees, searching for a place to hide.  Then it dawned on me – within the clutches of the enemy, I was perfectly safe from the dragons. – Chase Harper.

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When Chase found the gold counter buried in a cave, he went back in time, setting motion events that would change the course of his life and forever alter the destiny of the new world.  After he and a small group of soldiers rescue his girlfriend Ellie from the Shuylians, they are overtaken during their race for the Algonian border.  Chase falls into enemy hands, leaving Ellie to fend for herself.  As time passes, he is believed dead – forever lost.  So when Davy, Perception’s Keeper, is charged with seeing to Ellie’s safety, will his persuasions turn her heart away from Chase?



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