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Warrior's Moon

Warrior's Moon

They loved each other desperately.  Never in all the kingdom had there been a more brave and protective champion.  Nor such a loyal and capable maiden.

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He rescued her the first time when she was three years old in a killing storm.  Years later, he was still occasionally rescuing her.  ‘Twas in him to be a hero, and she had a pure intrepid way of getting into the kinds of scrapes that took rescuing.  With such a brawny, masculine guardian around, ‘twould have been a fair pity to waste the gallantry anyway.

Their childhood friendship between two young peasants had grown into a devotion few are ever blessed to experience.  It was strong enough to withstand all their dark age held – danger, feudalism, disease, and unfair oppression.

Or was it strong enough?  They truly loved each other desperately.



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