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The Happiest Preschool

The Happiest Preschool

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All of the strategies presented in this manual can enrich a preschool, regardless of its affiliation. Smart Love is transformative of the preschool and kindergarten culture and inspires children to:


- Accept and value all of themselves;

- Retain and enhance their curiosity;

- Love learning;

- Learn through play;

- Be creative in fantasy play, art, music, drama, and projects;

- Cooperate with and show compassion and care for teachers, classmates, and themselves;

- Regulate themselves without any type of discipline or coercion;

- Embrace differences in race, culture, appearance, and language;

- Demostrate unforced social-emotional learning;

- Move on to the next grades as eager learners who make positive contributions to any classroom culture.


The most important goal of education at the preschool and kindergarten level is not to teach content, but to preserve and enhance curiosity and a love of learning. There are certainly academic goals for preschool children, but it is best if children meet and exceed them only in way they enjoy. Playful learning is different in a Smart Love-inspired teaching practice because it builds entirely on each child's interests.



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