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Dr. Ben's Bogus Diet Breakthrough

Dr. Ben's Bogus Diet Breakthrough

The diet and exercise revolution for people who are definitely not serious

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Ben Goode

WE GUARANTEE THAT: Not following through on Dr. Ben's Bogus Diet and Exercise Breakthrough will get you pretty much the same results as not following through on some pretty famous and expensive diet and exercise programs. Plus, with this particular diet, you get the added benefit of being guilt-free because nobody expects you to succeed at this one. That's right. There are absolutely no guarantees here; we promise. When you fail at Dr. Ben's Bogus Diet Breakthrough that's exactly what's expected, because you know going in, that this one is pretty much just a bunch of hooey. You don't expect to lose any actual weight, get buns of steel or abs of iron. You can even keep your chins of cellulite if you want. We're perfectly OK with that.

Another great benefit with this book is that if you really think about it you realize that, whenever you do some other diet and exercise program you're wasting perfectly good calories and food by just burning them up for no good reason on the treadmill, track or bicycle. With our program, you don't necessarily have to waste even one calorie if you don't want to. You can use and enjoy 'em all! Good luck!




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