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I Hated Heaven

I Hated Heaven

The hilarious novel of love after death.

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$14.95 tax incl.


Tom and April Waring have a great life, a successful business, and a healthy, happy little boy.  Best of all, they are deeply in love.  But the good times come to a screeching halt when Tom is diagnosed with inoperable cancer.


Though Tom's faith gives him peace as he faces death's dark doorway, April, an agnostic, is distraught.  So at Tom's death-bed, she surprises them both when she takes his hand, tears in her eyes, and whispers,"When you get to the other side - if there is another side - and there is a God, promise me you'll come back and tell me!


Thus begins Tom Waring's adventure in Heaven, a place totally unlike the harps-and-halos scenario he had always imaged - more like graduate school than Sunday School.



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