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With historically accurate details, Redemption is a story of repentance, trust, and God's love for all his children.

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Susan Dayley

It is the eighth century BC. No Hebrew will purposely venture into the Assyrian Empire, whose practice of barbarous slaughter casts a shadow of fear over all of Israel. But God calls Jonah, an Israelite prophet, to cry repentance to the evil empire's capital-the great and terrible city of Nineveh. Fearing the Assyrians and doubting the wisdom of the divine call, jonah flees in the opposite direction. But is a series of miracles, God gives jonah a second chance to obey.


Journey with Jonah in a wealth-laden ship of Tarshish, hear his prayers inside the belly of a great fish, witness his struggles working in a desert caravan, and feel his terror as he finally arrives in Nineveh. And while Jonah does evenually preach in the great cety, the prophet still has some lessons to learn...





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