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The Nauvoo High Council Minute Books of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

The Nauvoo High Council Minute Books of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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The Nauvoo High Council Minute Books are the official records that were kept by the clerks of the Nauvoo High Council, and afterwards read before the Council and approved. They span most of the Nauvoo Period, from the 8th of March 1840 to the 18th of October 1845. Aside from this, there were also other minutes of the High Council that were written by its clerks, but at the time were misplaced, or for one reason or another, were not entered into the minute books. Among these, those which have been made available to the editor have been noted and included in this work. The Nauvoo period followed on the heels of the expulsion of the Saints from Missouri. Consequently from the very beginning, the Nauvoo period was a time of Hardship, Poverty and Sickness. The natural consequences of these problems hung about the necks of the Saints like an albatross, while at one and the same time they were forced to face the ordeals of relocating, draining a swamp and building a new City. Not only so but on top of all this, they were also commanded to build a Grandiose Temple to their God. One way or another all of these domestic problems had an impact on the Nauvoo High Council. But more than their temporal problems, the real dynamics of the Nauvoo period are to be witnessed through the Restoration Events that occurred there viz. the new Organizations, Doctrinal Constructs, and Priesthood Ordinances, which the Prophet then introduced to the Church. To be sure, more than anything else, it was the Nauvoo Restoration that Transformed Mormonism into a Religion that was Radically Different from Traditional Christianity! Considering the many crosscurrents that passed through the Nauvoo High Council, and the central position which it occupied in the hierarchy of the Church, The Nauvoo High Council Minute Books constitute a fundamental part of the historic puzzle of the Nauvoo Epic, and are therefore a must in reading for those who would cherish the History of the Church.



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