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The Cowboy Chuck Wagon Cookbook

The Cowboy Chuck Wagon Cookbook

Good Eatin' & Plain Talk from the Wide Open Spaces.

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Kelsey Dollar

I was raised in a wide-open-spaces kind of a family. So, naturally, I'm a wide-open-spaces kind of a girl. All my life, I have rubbed elbows with old time cowboys and ranchers as well as young cowhands. In the areas I have lived, i have been surrounded by horses and pick up rtucks, rodeos and roundups, dust and sagesbrush, simple wisdom, and terrific cookin'. As a young "cookie," during a round up with my family, i have seen hired cowboys toast Rocky Mountain Oysters on a stick over the fire, although the cowboy delicacy never appealed much to me. I have sweet memories of this wonderful lifestyle, and in my family tradition, most good memories are combined with food.

It has been painful to witness the fading of this untamed way of life. With this cookbook, I want to do my part to preserve a little of the feeling, flavor, attitudes and especially the food of the cowboy. Personally, I love good chuck wagon cooking and chuck wagon living. I hope my efforts will help you experience and enjoy the cowboy way to life.




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