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Jack Rabbit Factor - Book on CD

Jack Rabbit Factor - Book on CD

The story that will inspire you to dream bigger than ever.

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Leslie Householder

The Goodmans  have come to the end of their financial rope, and Felicity slips up, berating Richard for his failure to provide for the family.  Defeated, Richard disappears into the woods behind their home and Felicity fears he has gone to end his life.  Guilt-ridden, she searches frantically, dealing with her own anxieties while trying to keep little Matthew unaware of the possible tragedy.


Richard has embarked on his own amazing and courageous journey where he discovers his own best advisor: his inner voice.  Where has he gone, and what is required of Felicity before she is able to find him?  Unlock with Richard the secret behind the voice of inspiration and find out for yourself how truly dependable and absolutely ingenious your own inner voice can be.



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